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Beautiful Small Kitchens

A kitchen is often the hub of a family home. It is a place to gather, cook, eat, laugh and share those special moments together. Small kitchens can be just as loveable, too. With limited space, smart planning is needed to create an appealing looking kitchen that has plenty of space sophisticatedly hidden.

Here at Anne Wright Interiors Ltd., we are proud to offer kitchen design and a fitting service to customers in Maldon, Chelmsford, Colchester and a variety of other locations in Essex and afar. We specialise in creating bespoke kitchens and small kitchens are no exception to that.

Small kitchens need to be designed cleverly, with plenty of hidden storage and built in features to help you carry out normal duties but in a smaller space.

We have a head designer who is highly experienced in producing beautiful kitchens that have been carefully planned and crafted to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you prefer a homely traditional kitchen or a sleek minimalistic one, we are here to help make your visions a reality.

Are you planning on decorating your small kitchen and need some ideas? We have put together some ideas on what you might like to incorporate into your design.

Small kitchens look great and can be very functional; multiple storage units can be hidden inside the drawers and units to store food like spices and tins. Wrap around shelving is good too, because it provides a place where all of your utensils and food can go, and it is fully accessible as it’s just on a shelf as opposed to a cupboard. Hanging your utensils on the wall allows you to implement a simple rack, without having to have a bulky cupboard to store them in.

Here is a small kitchen we installed in Cold Norton last year. We made great use of the limited space by including additional storage below and above the oven and microwave.

small kitchen designs

Light coloured wood and walls makes it feel much more spacious. Paint can also affect the room as too dark a colour can make the room seem too enclosed, where as a light colour can wash the room out completely. Small spaces look great in white or very light colours to give the illusion of a bigger space. Accessories are key if you are going for a light coloured room though. Coloured decorations or furniture help to give the space some depth and warmth.

Organisation is key in small spaces and can often help you to sift through your belongings and minimise what you have. Depending on space, small islands can work well in small spaces too; they help to create extra counter space, can be used at all meal times, can have additional storage via drawers, shelves or hooks and if sized correctly, can help your kitchen flow.

You need to get creative with your space available. Creative storing like smart cabinets are quirky and fun, they help to disguise all the bulky units like a bin and cabinets. If you are having cabinets, it is a good idea to have mirrored glass on the front of them. The mirrors can help to enlarge a small space. Using trays and baskets is a nice homely touch and not only that, but they are useful for organising all of your belongings. A slide and hide oven is also a great space-saver.

Take a look at our extensive gallery of kitchen installations and the many positive customer feedbacks on Facebook to get a feel for our professionalism and expertise.