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Custom fitted sliding wardrobes

Volante sliding wardrobe doors are available now at Anne Wright in the Colchester showroom in North Essex.

Supplied by ECF, the custom fitted sliding wardrobe range is exceptional and uses a combination of configurations and materials to create a perfectly tailored look for your bedroom or other rooms in your house that required cupboards and storage. The range includes Woodgrains, Uni colour and Mirrored panels, Suede Glass and even Chalk Board! The sliding doors can be made to fit any aperture, or in a purpose built frame, and there’s no limit to the number of panels that can be used in each wardrobe. Volante customers therefore have the opportunity to either compliment their existing colour scheme, or use the doors as a feature or centre piece in their bedroom or living area.


For the internal specification of your wardrobes, there are options for both modular and traditional panel fitting. At Anne Wright we can build shelves and hanging areas in your bedroom wardrobes from any plan, to suit individual needs, as well as adding internal drawers.  There is also a modular range of shelving and drawers for a more modern feel to your bedroom storage, which are also adaptable to any width or height available.


The beauty of custom fitted sliding wardrobes

The main advantage of bespoke sliding wardrobes, of course, is the space you can save by fitting sliding doors. At Anne Wright we have filled the smallest of areas in halls, offices, bedrooms, and even on a landing with cupboards/wardrobes with sliding doors. Where storage is needed and space short, sliding wardrobes are definitely worth considering. Book a no obligation consultation now, to find out how we can save you space with custom storage via sliding wardrobes.