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Design Challenge: Extra Space in Older Buildings

burlington basinThis week we have been overcoming some particularly interesting design challenges. Giving customers that extra space in an old building can sometimes be tricky, whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom, study or bathroom. Obviously the materials used in walls and floors can affect the design of a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, as well as the need to maintain the aesthetics in keeping with the style of the home.

We used oak cladding, reclaimed floorboards and Burlington furniture and suites to bring the whole room to life. The subtle wall lights by the same company set the mood of the area just right and the customer was absolutely thrilled with the outcome. We then moved onto the second room that threw up more challenges the walls were fibre based and required specialist fixings to hold any fittings. In addition the exposed oak beams needed to be incorporated in the design without compromising the needs of the customer, and our requirements in installing the units.

Overall the whole project was a huge success and a great testament to the skills of the team and of course it ticked all the boxes for the customer. Installations like this underline the need for smooth project management and the ability to have a flexible approach.