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Current Kitchen Trends: Let There be Light!

Clever use of lighting in your kitchen not only creates atmosphere, it adds dimension to your chosen look and can help achieve that warm, homely feel. It can be quite an undertaking to find the right type of lighting for your kitchen, which is why our experts are always on hand to assist!

At Anne Wright we find the best kitchen provides ambient, task and profile lighting. For example:

  • Profile lighting is used to highlight different features and helps to create focal points e.g. within shelving units or around worktops to make an eye-catching feature
Kitchen Lighting - Profile - Shelf

Glass shelving by Hera


  • Ambient lighting is a background light, such as a ceiling light that can be controlled or dimmed
Kitchen Lighting - Ambient - Shelf

Mood lighting in the kitchen

  • Task lighting provides a direct light where required, for example, above a worktop or hob
Kitchen Lighting - Task - Anne Wright Interiors Ltd.

Hob lighting in a Shaker style kitchen

Modern Kitchen Lighting

One option to help create the perfect lighting solution in your kitchen uses the latest popular lighting technology. New, trendy, ultra modern and energy saving – The LED Bulb.

In demand due to its cost effective practicalities, the LED bulb has a very long life and can offer huge savings on running costs and bills. LED lights can be supplied and fitted with clever controls and even pre-programmed to set levels in groups, so some can be off or dimmed whilst others are on. LED lighting can also come with integrated sensors and can be motion activated or even battery operated!

Cologne Kitchen - Gloss White - Anne Wright Interiors Ltd.

Cologne Gloss Kitchen with LED Lighting

Offered in a range of different styles and fittings, such as downlighters, tubes, tape and strips, LED lighting can help to create the ideal mood for your kitchen. For instance, versatile and flexible LED strips come supplied with self-adhesive and can be bought in fixed or cut to order strips in a variety of colours, giving you the freedom to get creative. Creative use of fittings can also make your kitchen area easier to work in and provides ideal illumination for food prep and cooking.

Plinth and floor lights are another popular choice for our customers and an additional way to add colour to your kitchen – we can even supply colour changing LED lights that can be activated at the touch of a button, transforming your kitchen design completely!

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, spend time considering how best to tailor the lighting to suit the design. At Anne Wright, we’ll take the time to find the bespoke lighting solution for you. We’ll also help design the perfect lighting set-up ,and supply and install your kitchen lights to specification.

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