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Current Kitchen Trends: Worktop Workshop

Whatever your funds, the kitchen worktop you choose is an important decision as it inevitably completes the look of your kitchen. As worktops are usually chosen after your doors have been selected, it is imperative that the two items co-ordinate.

In addition to appearance, you should also consider how your worktop will be used and which material will suit those purposes best.  Are your needs practical or are your priorities based on lifestyle choice? For example, can you maintain a glass worktop if you have children? Or are you choosing a worktop for hygienic purposes? If so try using Acrylic, it is used in dentists and even in McDonald’s!

Popular choices of materials also include Quartz (Composite Stone), Granite, Laminate and Wood. Each has their advantage so it is essential that you consider what matters to you most before you make your final decision. Int his post, we’ll take you though some of the most popular worktop materials.

Granite Worktops

Polished Granite Worktop - Anne Wright Interiors Ltd.

Granite worktops create a modern, incredibly eye-catching, luxurious feel. Granite is hard wearing and comes in a variety of colours including striking reds and purples to stylish blacks and whites. You can also include discrete or attention-grabbing flecks of glitter to really make your worktop sparkle. At Anne Wright Interiors Ltd., we supply our Granite worktops with a matt or glossy (polished) finish and can supply your worktop pre-cut to your order. We can also integrate draining grooves and sink inserts adding stunning quality and value. In addition, Granite is the perfect worktop for bakers as it is a cool material – ideal for making dough!

Quartz Worktops

Quartz Worktop - White - Anne Wright Interiors Ltd.

A Quartz  or Composite Stone worktop is elegant and very on trend. Quartz is a manufactured material made from Quartz bound with resin, so is extremely strong and durable. It is also non-porous (not permeable to water, air or other fluids) so does not need sealing, and is heat and stain resistant. Quartz comes in a variety of finishes and colours (including dramatic blues and greys which look beautiful in contemporary kitchens)and can be supplied without joins to create a seamless finish. Quartz is considered a low-cost alternative to Granite.

Glass Worktops

Glass Worktop - Orange - Anne Wright Interiors Ltd.

Glass worktops are hygienic, long-lasting, waterproof and heat resistant. Glass worktops do not have to be translucent and plain; they can be coated in colour and cut to include sinks and hobs to create a seam-free flawless finish. Glass worktops also work perfectly when used in smaller kitchens as the surface is very reflective, which is extremely beneficial when you want to increase the sense of space.

Wooden Worktops

Wood Worktop - Solid - Anne Wright Interiors Ltd.

Wood worktops are a natural choice and on trend with the rustic or shabby chic timeless style. Wood worktops have several advantages – they are easy to clean, easy to cut, easy to repair and generally well priced. Our Wood worktops are available in a variety of shades and grains, and are also the most eco-friendly option.

Acrylic Worktops

Acrylic Worktop - Minerva - Anne Wright Interiors Ltd.

Acrylic worktops are waterproof, tough, long-lasting, heat and stain resistant and incredibly hygienic. They are also easy to clean and can be buffed regularly to keep them looking like new. At Anne Wright Interiors Ltd., we currently supply a seamless solid acrylic by Minerva which doesn’t cost the earth and is available in a variety of beautiful colours, ideal for creating a sleek feel in a modern kitchen design.

Laminate Worktops

Laminate Worktop - Wood Effect - Anne Wright Interiors Ltd.

Laminate worktops are generally made of MDF, plywood or chipboard which is finished with a cover of plastic laminate. Laminate ranges from budget to striking patterned effect finishes and can even accurately mimic other materials including wood and granite. Laminate worktops are supplied in a vast range of colours and therefore offer an array of opportunity when contrasting or co-ordinating tops and floors. It is stain and moisture resistant and also hard-wearing, creating a surface that looks better for longer.

Choosing a Kitchen Worktop

The work surface in your kitchen should be chosen according to your design, but the daily goings-on in your kitchen are going to have to influence your decision. The right worktop for the right reason really matters! In an ideal world, your chosen worktop will meet all your requirements – Easy to clean, Heat resistant, Resilient, Stain resistant and Long-lasting – and with all of the options available through Anne Wright Interiors Ltd., you’ll find own to match you design, and your budget!

For further advice on the perfect worktop for you, or for information on our worktop changing service, contact us now.