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How the Kitchen became the heart of the home

The idea that a kitchen is the heart of a home has never been more accurate with so many people discovering the joy of baking, creating sourdough starters and making their own bread during the 2020 pandemic lockdown.

Whether it’s small and cosy or a contemporary open planned kitchen, it’s somewhere that we can all relax in, to enjoy food, talk and work.

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The Seventies Kitchen

During the 1970s, kitchens were viewed as functional spaces devoted entirely to food preparation. Whether it was a family meal or hosting a dinner party for friends, the cook in any household would get the food ready in the kitchen and then go through to a dining room. The kitchen, at this point, was never seen as a crucial part of the home.

The Eighties Kitchen

The eighties saw interior design take a massive leap into the idea of creating ‘open plan’ homes. It meant rooms would no longer be kept separate. Open plan rooms meant that homes had a better flow. This gave the impression that they were  larger than they actually were.

Kitchens became part of the entertaining space in the home. Features like breakfast bars made their way into the room. Cooking became more popular too as a social activity and hobby. This helped kitchens become a place for fun and socialising and not just solely about food.

Modern Day Life

The trend of having open plan living spaces and the popularity of cooking has continued into the present day. Modern life now has a much quicker pace. Many busy families may only see each other when they’re passing in the kitchen. During the first months of 2020, with many households turning to lockdown baking, the kitchen took on an important role in the home yet again.

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