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Introducing The Great British Bake Off Slide & Hide Oven

Cook Up a Storm With Neff

Neff ovens have found fame due to The Great British Bake Off – and here’s what makes them so great.

Flour is flying off the shelves, we’re comparing the best recipes for pastry and we’re spending more and more time in the kitchen. All of this can only mean one thing – The Great British Bake Off is back! Yes, our favourite slice of midweek escapism is capturing the imagination of millions of viewers all over the UK. Whether you’re an experienced baker or a complete novice, it’s impossible to not get caught up in the craze taking over the country. If your oven doesn’t stand up to the test of your baking hobby though, it could be time to invest in a new one.

Tools Of The Trade

If there’s one thing that Bake Off gives us, it’s serious kitchen envy. The bakers get to work with some incredible appliances and gadgets – but it’s the ovens that really caught our eye. You know the one’s that we’re talking about – one moment the door is there, then it’s gone! This unique slide away door makes it easy for the bakers to get to their creations, as there’s no hot door to awkwardly lean over. So who makes these ingenious ovens – and how do they work?

Neff Slide and Hide Oven

Neff Slide and Hide Oven

Innovative Ovens

The Bake Off ovens are made by Neff, and the Slide&Hide® door is unique to the company. Instead of the door opening outwards, it slides into a compartment at the base of the oven. This secret compartment is hidden when the oven is closed though, so you’d never guess just by looking at it! When the oven is open, you can easily check on your food and remove it quickly with a completely uninhibited opening. A Neff oven is really easy to use, and thanks to the rotating handle, it’s comfortable and accessible too. This handle rotates forwards as the oven closes, and remains accessible when the door is tucked away. All of this clever, hidden engineering is what makes Neff ovens so popular with cooks.

We’re Proud Suppliers Of Neff Ovens

Itching to swap your ageing oven for a high-tech one? Well why not do exact that when you re-vamp your kitchen? You can buy your very own Bake Off oven here at Anne Wright Interiors Ltd.. We stock Neff ovens in our extensive range of appliances – and thanks to the nation’s interest in baking they’re one of our most popular products. It doesn’t matter what kind of kitchen you’re going for, as a Neff oven’s simple design blends in well with many different styles. They’re great for smaller kitchens too – the sliding door design is a great space saving feature! So whether you’re got a petite, contemporary kitchen in your apartment or a spacious, traditional one in your country home, a Neff oven would be the perfect addition.

What Will You Bake?

With the right oven, there’s no reason why you can’t cook up some truly incredible creations. Perhaps you’re itching to tuck into some loaves of home-made bread – in which case you’ll be able to take advantage of the oven’s specialised temperature setting. Or maybe you can’t wait to bake some delicious pies? Heat comes from the bottom of a Neff oven too, so that your pastry cases will be beautifully crisp. Whatever your baking speciality, once you’ve tried Neff you’ll never want to cook in another oven again!

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