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Modern Kitchens from Anne Wright Interiors

Gloss White Contemporary Kitchen at Anne Wright Kitchens, Colchester, Essex

Kitchens have always been an important part of every home but in recent years, the functionality and design of kitchens has changed.  Some of this is down to technological advancements but also the kitchen has become a more focal point for the home.  Family and friends like to gather here, more entertaining takes place in the kitchen and the demands of users have increased.

At Anne Wright we design kitchens to take all this into consideration including the technological aspect that can make mundane tasks easier and improve the functionality of your kitchen. Although we aren’t always aware, a modern kitchen can make use of a range of computer chips and technology that can help with things like timers, setting temperatures, inventory and cooking.

Kitchen appliances can be built into your kitchen to save space and there is usually something to suit the design needs and budgets of everyone. We even have our own range of Eco kitchens which offer a more economical approach to the modern kitchen. One of the main benefits of having a modern kitchen designed and fitted is that you can make the most efficient use of space and customise it to your personal requirements and fit the appliances you need into the space in the most effective way.

At Anne Wright our kitchen designers can transform your kitchen using a huge variety of colour schemes, textures and surfaces to blend in with your home or create something of a statement, but most of all to give you the most functional and useable kitchen possible.