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Why Updating Your Kitchen Before Selling Can Pay Dividends

How You Can Make Yours More Tempting to Buyers

The kitchen can make or break a sale – so it’s really important that yours looks as inviting as possible.

If you’re decorating your home in order to sell but only have a limited budget – then focus your efforts on the kitchen. It’s often described as the heart of the home, and when prospective buyers look at a property it’s often the room that has to be perfect. A bespoke fitted kitchen will is guaranteed to make your home appeal to buyers.

Also, estate agents tell us that a new kitchen can add to the price of your home too – so not only will you find it easier to sell, you’ll get more for it. So how can you make your kitchen more appealing?

The nation’s cooking obsession

There’s no doubt that over the past few years, the UK has undergone a bit of a culinary revolution! Thanks to the popularity of shows like The Great British Bake Off and our love of celebrity chefs, we all want to cook up some incredible dishes at home. Buyers are looking for lots of storage, plenty of worktop space and maybe a few built-in gadgets. If your kitchen isn’t up to the demands of a keen home cook, it may be time for an overhaul.
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Make it multifunctional

The kitchen isn’t just a room for cooking though. As the years have passed, it’s become a room where the family eat, work and socialise. This means that a kitchen needs to be suited to all kinds of purposes. A large island is a great way of attracting buyers, as it can be used for anything from chopping carrots to working on some homework. If you kitchen is big enough, add some comfortable seating as well. This will make it feel like a room where the whole family can come together, whatever the time of day.

Give small kitchens a lift

You shouldn’t lose hope if your kitchen is smaller than average though. Depending on how you make the space work, it could become a major selling point rather than a hindrance. Opt for innovative, space saving storage. Lots of shelving is a great idea as it will keep your worktops clear and clutter free. Add a few colourful accessories as well – they will draw the eye away from any tight corners and make the room feel brighter. Highlight any natural light too by keeping the window space clear.

Appeal to all buyers

Whatever the size of your kitchen, make sure that it’s a space that showcases everything that’s wonderful about your home. That means decorating it in a style that’s sympathetic to the rest of the property. If your home is a charming, countryside cottage, a traditional family kitchen may be your best option. If you’re selling a sleek, stylish apartment on the other hand, a modern, high-tech kitchen will draw in buyers. Whatever style you do go for, keep the colours simple and space clear and tidy. Buyers won’t be lured in by a quirky kitchen – they want to see a functional space that they can put their own stamp onto.

Your hard work will pay off

It may seem like a lot of effort to redecorate your kitchen if you’re planning to move. After all, you won’t be there to enjoy it! By doing so though, you’re going to be able to appeal to a broad range of buyers, all of whom will be willing to pay more for an incredible kitchen. So the time and investment will be worth it in the end – we promise!